JPG Copywriting

Wanna make more money with email marketing? ;)

That didn't work?Nuts. I tried.I guess just keep scrolling to learn more then.

What's up, I'm Jack

I'm based out of St. Louis, Missouri, born and raised. The weather sucks here, so don't ask.
My history is in marketing and media buying.
Kept with copywriting because it's pretty awesome.
Being able to work with such a variety of people and businesses is sick, and upgrading their lives with mo' money, less problems, is even better.

My Services

- Email Marketing (Fan Fav)
You should be bangin' out at least 20-35% of total revenue from email.
Keep your customers on their toes.
- Website Copy/Product Descriptions
Turn window shoppers into paying customers with phenomenal website copy.
- Ads
Skyrocket your entire business with winning ad copy.
Whatever it is you need written, I'm your genie in a bottle.

How It Works

1. Intro Call
Let's hop on a quick call to chat & see if we're a good fit.
2. Create A Package
If we're a good fit, we'll discuss what you're missing and what is needed to hit your goals. Then I'll create a custom package that suits your needs and then send you an offer.
3. Providing Work
Examples/mockups will be provided before any project so you know what to expect.
After the work is completed, I will present it to you and accept revision requests.
4. Results
All that matters is that we're hitting your goals and balling out together.
If you win, I win!

Now Let's Get You Your Results!👇🏼

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